Welcome to the home of the most social (online) veterinarian in Kingston Ontario!  I’m so glad you could join me here!  You may have seen some of my posts on the Ontario SPCA blog where I frequently am a guest writer.  I’ve also been a contributor on Dr. Andy Roark’s blog for pet owners and veterinary teams.  While my main job is to serve as a veterinarian for many animals in the city of Kingston (and surrounding areas), I also want to help get reliable information out there to everybody else who loves their pets.  So let’s have a conversation about pet health, which you’ll find in the blog posts.  Or if you want to see what my friend Edie the Pug is up to, check out the best of her writings to see how she lives the pug life.  Maybe you’re interested in an interesting medical or surgical case, so check out the case of the month!  Thanks for stopping by!

The Best of Edie the Pug

Best of Edie the Pug