cats are awesome
Cats are awesome!

Just because LOL…okay, it actually goes a bit beyond that because two words wouldn’t make for very interesting reading. Dogs are great too but this is about putting cats up on that pedestal they so rightly think they deserve. December is National Cat Lovers Month so it’s about time we celebrate our feline friends! So let’s dig a bit deeper as to why cats are awesome!

A personality all their own

cats are awesome
Always good for cuddle!

If you’ve had 1 or more cats in your life, you’ll know they’re all different. Sometimes they’re cuddly, sometimes they’re indifferent, sometimes they’re aloof. This variety is part of the charm and and allure of cat companionship. Maybe the line should have been “Life is like a cat, you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Cats can be easier than dogs

You can already expect that they’ll judge you because you’re human. Remember, dogs have humans, cat’s have staff. You don’t have to walk them in the winter time so you can stay cozy and warm. They also don’t take up as much room in the bed or on the couch when you want to nap. You’ll never get a noise complaint from your neighbors. And the best part, you don’t typically have to give them a bath, just some regular brushing for our longer haired feline friends.

Most things cost less than dog expenses

Smaller bags of food, lower cost for most medications (some are based on weight), and treats generally don’t cost as much. You might not get to buy cute outfits for every occasion (a lot of cats won’t wear them so maybe it’s not worth the hassle for some cat owners) and why buy a cat bed when they’re just going to commandeer your couch? Even some pet insurance plans tend to be a bit cheaper for cats.

Cat memes rule the internet

The Internet is better because of cats

Face it, you probably see at least 4-5 awesome cat videos or cat memes on a daily basis. Dogs can’t make the same claim and there is even a documentary called #Cats_The_Mewvie which traces the rise of cat dominance on the internet. Many people who can’t have a cat due to allergies or need a bit of cheering up if they are cat-less can turn to the internet for this rush of endorphins.

Love my patients!

We could probably go on for hours (and maybe even days if you find the right cat fanatic) on how awesome cats are. As a veterinarian, I love the cuddly purrs my patients give or even the challenge with some of our more stressed out kitty patients and how we can still help them. Cats have been adored or even worshiped for thousands of years (except for black cats during the witch trials) and I doubt that people’s love for the majestic feline will fade anytime soon.

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