Technology is a fascinating thing in today’s world! And you & your pets can benefit from some great apps along the way. Here’s 4 apps that are just waiting for you to download and they’re all free!

APCC (Animal Poison Control Center) – by the ASPCA

Your pet has just eaten something and you’re not sure what it will do to them. You also wonder if you really need to get to the vet. This app lets you search by the eaten thing (plants, medications, other household items) then show you the signs you could see and let you know the severity of the poisoning. If it says you should contact your vet, I would listen. A call to your vet is never a bad idea in these cases anyway. There’s also the number to the Animal Poison Control Center to help your vet manage the case should it be necessary

BarkCam – by BarkBox, Inc

Do you struggle with getting your pet to focus on the camera for pictures? Are you tired of making strange noises to get their attention (if you can’t find their favorite squeaky toy)? Give this app a try to get your pet’s attention with sounds of a doorbell, a squeaking mouse, fire engine, or mooing cow.

ResQwalk – by ResQthreads LLC

Your dog needs a walk! And this app comes with a bonus. Aside from tracking how far you’ve walked, each month a pool of money is donated to the charity you choose to walk for based on the proportion of kilometers walked. Exercise for you & your dog plus helping out animals in need! Winning! As bonus features, it will let you know where local vet clinics are and pet friendly shopping, lodging, & restaurants.

Your own veterinary hospital

Yes, more and more clinics are getting their own apps. Many of these apps are able to let your vet share your pet’s records including vaccine history, medications, and current conditions in case you need to ever visit the emergency clinic or need to share info with your groomer or boarding kennel. Some of the apps also let you schedule appointments, request medication refills, and make reminders for monthly preventative meds all with the touch of your screen. Check with your clinic to see what they’ve got!

pet apps

Louie trying out Cat Fishing 2 from Nestle Purina

When all else fails, you can always download Cat Fishing 2 for the kitties to play with! Try these out and let me know which other apps you think are must haves in the comments below!

Note: I did not receive any compensation from these companies. These are apps I have used and feel would be of value to you. Some of them are also suggested by my friends who have pets. Hence, I have assumed that they have become fairly popular among pet lovers. Similarly, if you would like your app to be popular, you can take help of mobile marketing platforms like AdAction to advertise in mobile and build a large user base. Hope this information helps you!

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